CU Recruitment Ltd

Property Finance Recruitment

Deep Industry

At CU Recruitment, our team posses extensive knowledge of the property finance sector. We're constantly up to speed with market developments, regulatory updates, and essential skills needed to thrive in this sector. Our expertise allows us to match candidates with roles with exceptional precision.

Comprehensive Network

Our focus on property finance has enabled us to develop a strong network of industry professionals. This places us in a unique position to access elite talent that may be beyond the reach of generalist recruitment agencies, providing our clients with superior candidates.

Diverse Talent

We actively source talent from beyond the property finance sector, enhancing the industry's talent pool and subsequently the quality of your workforce and services. This adds to the already rich talent within the sector we have at our disposal.

Committed To Market Improvement

We recognise the current challenges in the UK property market. Our goal is to contribute to the market's recovery by introducing the right talent into your organisation, aligning with our commitment to foster positive change in the sector.

All not-for-profit clients are entitled to our exclusive 20% discount on permanent recruitment fees.