CU Recruitment Ltd

Building Society Recruitment

Talent Focus

Our dedicated approach towards building societies enables us to curate a specialised talent pool. We deeply understand the unique organisational culture and specific needs of building societies, ensuring that our candidates are not just qualified, but also resonate with the values and ethos of these institutions.

Recruitment Tactics

At CU Recruitment, we utilise proactive techniques to pinpoint and engage professionals who are particularly interested in roles within building societies. This focused method significantly increases the likelihood of successful placements, surpassing the effectiveness of more general recruitment agencies.


Our key strength lies in aligning candidates whose aspirations and values echo those of your organisation. This approach is especially crucial in an ethical and not-for-profit context, where motivations extend beyond salary. This alignment fosters greater staff retention and job satisfaction.

All not-for-profit clients are entitled to our exclusive 20% discount on permanent recruitment fees.